JCF Seed Packet

A Collection of Resources for

Jewish Farm and Garden Projects

In 2017, with the support of several Jewish foundations, over 15 different Jewish farming organizations launched the Jewish Community Farming Field

Building Initiative (JCF-FBI). One of the initiatives goals was to develop ways to support new and emerging Jewish farm and garden projects. 


For the past six months, as part of our sunsetting process, Jewish Farm School has been working on curating a "Seed Packet" of tools and resources for the growing Jewish farm-based education movement. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to spend our final months on this project and seed our work, and the work of other JCF organizations around the world. 


We invite you to download the files and utilize them in ways to support your projects. Please begin by reading the Introduction, which outlines all of the resources in detail.


Thanks to the generous support of several funders,
all of these resources are available for no charge.


The Seed Packet Consists of Three Main Components

 Practical Tips for Jewish Farms

and Gardens

A wide range of resources and information that will help your project launch successfully.

Curriculum and Pedagogical Resources

Numerous pieces of Jewish farm and garden-based curriculum as well as broader pedagogical tools and resources.

Organizational Development Resources

A wide range of documents to assist with fundraising, planning, evaluation, and communications.

Licensing Agreement

All of the materials in the JCF Seed Packet are being shared using the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International standards


Please review this information before utilizing.   


This includes all curriculum, resources, budget templates, and other materials. Use of these materials indicates that you have read this user agreement and are beholden to it.

The JCF Seed Packet was made possible by support from: